YSR Congress Colors Even To Paddy Collection Centers?

YSR Congress Colours Even To Paddy Collection Centres  YSR Congress Colors Even To Paddy Collection Centers? ysr congress e1576325321719
YSR Congress Colours Even To Paddy Collection Centres

JanaSena party chief Pawan Kalyan on 12th December said that he had surprised to see a paddy collection centres in the Andhra Pradesh in YCP flag colours, but it was dosed down which has to be opened as per the requirement.

Stating that he thought he would not have any work till one year in the new government, Pawan Kalyan said the YCP government started demolishing government buildings and destroyed the livelihood of 25 lakh building workers.

The YCP government would soon be face similar fate of the buildings as there were many kingdoms and dynasties had been collapsed in the history and nothing would stop 151 MLAs from falling, he said.

Jagan Reddy must think on humanitarian ground and provide a profitable price instead of support price of Rs 1500 instead of Rs 1300. It would be like saying apology to paddy Farmers if the profitable price was announced, he said.

Jagan Reddy should remember the plight of paddy farmers at least while he was having his meal. He always talks about humanity as his religion, but he was discriminating farmers on caste basis and he should remember when he was requesting votes from the people, said Kalyan.

The small farmers were crushing in the systemas they were not getting even the support price. The YSR Congress Party 151 MLAs should shun making awkward statements and take up constructive work for the sake of farmers.

The YCP leaders must think of how they could introduce mechanization in the small cultivations and provide a profitable price for farmers instead of support price.

He said Sir Arthur Cotton has been revered as a God in Godavari districts because he served the farming community with a vision. He advised Jagan Reddy not to do politics always and asked him to stay in the CM post for a long time by making good to the farmers. He also urged the bank officials to provide loans to the farmers instead of giving crores of rupees loans to the corporates, who were leaving the country creating bad debts.

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