What’s Bill Gates Resolution for 2019?

what’s bill gates resolution for 2019? What’s Bill Gates Resolution for 2019? bill gates resolutions e1547379150513

The principal founder of Microsoft Corporation and world’s second richest person Bill Gates said in a blog post that he never made a New Year’s resolution however he will be making a resolution for 2019.

“Although I have never been one for New Year’s resolutions, I have always been committed to setting clear goals and making plans to achieve them. As I get older, these two things look more and more like the same exercise. So I am making a resolution for 2019. I am committing to learn and think about two key areas where technology has the potential to make an enormous impact on the quality of our lives, but also raises complex ethical and social considerations,” Bill Gates wrote.

Bill Gates Resolutions for 2019.

1.The balance between privacy and innovation.

“How can we use data to gain insights into education (like which schools do the Best job of teaching low-income students) or health (like which doctors provide the best care for a reasonable price) while protecting people’s privacy?”, he wrote.

2. The use of technology in education.

“How much can software improve students’ learning? For years we have been hearing overheated claims about the huge impact that technology would have on education. People have been right to be skeptical. But I think things are finally coming together in a way that will deliver on the promises,” he added.

Gates further said that he will be posting updates on these and other issues on the Gates Notes website.

Bill Gates is one of the best-known entrepreneurs of the personal computer revolution. He has been criticized for his business strategies, which have been considered anti-competitive. This opinion has been upheld by numerous court rulings

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