Review: “A..Aa” Is Simply Cheerful & Ultra Adorable !!

Anasuya Ramalingam and Anand Vihari ( A..Aa) is probably the most awaited Telugu films of the times simply because of Trivikram’s signature.

The director who has created a reputable name for himself using thoroughly clean family joy filled entertainers has taken a break from star studded movies and decided to create a tale based movie A Aa.

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What exactly is it about?

Anasuya Ramalingam (Samantha) is actually sick and tired of her rigid mother (Nadiya) that dictates as well as chooses almost everything in her life.

She attempts committing suicide however that didn’t change her mom’s mindset. Anasuya yearns for a change from the routine life and her father (Naresh) directs her to her aunt’s house.

Anasuya meets her cousin Anand Vihari (Nithin) in the train and the 10 days that she spends with his family changes Anasuya forever. Although she falls in love with Anand, he is already engaged to some other girl (Anupama).

Now how do Anasuya and Anand get over all the obstacles and then make their love victorious? That is the remaining portion of the story.

Actors  & Performances:

Nithin: Nithin is best suited in the role with simple looks. He underplayed the character very effectively. This is a specialized character for him and he ought to be appreciated for taking up a story influenced movie that doesn’t supply much opportunity for his heroics.

Samantha: She is perfect as Anasuya Ramalingam, a girl stuck in between her mother and lover. Anasuya will certainly end up being recalled as one of her best characters ever. After a very long time Samantha got a character that gives her plenty of scope to perform.

Others: Anupama did fine. This character feels underdeveloped. Nadiya is suitable as the rigid plus unapologetic mom. Naresh accompanied her very well with his good depiction as hen-pecked life partner. Rao Ramesh steals the show all over again. Ajay is nice. Posani, Avasarala, Ananya, Hariteja are appropriately shaped.

Technical Aspects:

Micky J Meyer’s music is one of the biggest positive factors in the film. Vellipoke Shyamala, Ya Ya, Rang De songs are taken very well. Camera work by Natty is an additional positive point. The aerial shots of Pollachi are really delightful. Editing is good. Production values are vibrant. Technically A Aa is best with every single work group picking out their finest work.

The primary storyline of this movie is inspired by Yaddanapudi Sulochana Rani’s novel Meena. Trivikram adapted it perfectly and presented it in a manner that it appeals to the contemporary target audience. His dialogues are extremely good in this movie. Although there is a lot of story to express to, Trivikram narrated it in an entertaining manner without the need of an excessive amount of drama.

Conclusion: A..Aa is an enjoyable film with excellent dialogues, stunning cinematography, wonderful music, and marvelous chemistry between Nithin and Samantha.

On the other hand, there is insufficient depth in the emotional scenes.

Verdict: “A..Aa” is simply cheerful and ultra adorable.

Rating: 3.5/5

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