Tear In The Eyes of Farmers Not Good For YS Jagan Reddy Govt

Tear In The Eyes of Farmers Not Good For YS Jagan Reddy Govt  Tear In The Eyes of Farmers Not Good For YS Jagan Reddy Govt ys jagan e1576324737289
Tear In The Eyes of Farmers Not Good For YS Jagan Reddy Govt

JanaSena Party President Pawan Kalyan on 12th December said that the YS Jagan Mohan Reddy led government must provide a profitable price for paddy farmers, not the support price and demanded that they should be paid Rs 1500 per paddy bag instead of Rs 1300.

Addressing a mammoth public gathering as part of his day-long hunger strike in Kakinada in support of the paddy farmers of East and West Godavari districts on 12th December evening, Pawan Kalyan warned that the tears in the eyes of farmers will ruin the government.

The day would come for JanaSena Party as it was waiting with a lot of patience though the YCP leaders were using abusive words against him and that day the YCP government would be burnt down on that day, he said.

Kalyan advised the 151 MIAs to maintain restraint from making abusive comments in social media. He said Jagan Reddy government was collecting paddy from the farmers without giving any receipt. But he was collecting all the receipts for the expenditure spent on renovation of his residence. Why he required 151 MIAs when he was unable to provide receipts to the farmers and alleged that he was wasting the precious time of the Assembly.

Explaining how the farmers were being sandwiched with the troubles, Pawan Kalyan said the farmers, who were dependent on their hard work were being targeted by middlemen and the politicians.

Everyone including Jagan Reddy was taking leaves, but the farmer was working round the year without any leave from his work, said Kalyan.

Stating that rice-rich Godavari districts, which were treated to be Goddess Annapurna of Andhra Pradesh, he said 51 per cent of paddy output was yielding from these districts out of total 44 lakh metric tonnes of paddy. Now the paddy farmers were facing many problems. They have to safeguard their crops like tender-age children. There were no proper open platforms for the farmers to dry up the paddy. He expressed shock that one paddy drying up platform in Anaparti has been converted as a burial ground.

On the other hand, the YCP government was not collecting paddy from the farmers in the name of 14 per cent of moisture. The Central Government has indicated that moisture in the paddy could be accepted up to 15 per cent and 25 per cent of weight concession, he said.

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