Review: Ram Charan’s “Dhruva” Promises To Be A Slick And Trendy Entertainer

dhruva Review: Ram Charan’s “Dhruva” Promises To Be A Slick And Trendy Entertainer CzJTvCsUsAAnw6r

Movie Title: Dhruva
Genre: An action thriller

Summary of Dhruva:

Dhruva IPS (Ram Charan), a newly recruited police office who comes with an intention to aim for the toughest criminal in the society in order to lower the crime rate. Siddharth Abhimanyu (Aravind Swamy) ends up being the number one target for Dhruva.

The daughter ( Ishika played by Rakul Preeth) of Dhruva’s superior police officer loves him although he doesn’t show much attention in relationship.

Favourite characters? and why?

1. Ram Charan: First and foremost appreciation goes to Ram Charan. He had taken an enormous risk by selecting this particular script as it has not got the features that tend to be connected with his movies. His shape, appearance along with screen presence are undoubtedly a massive benefit for the movie. Ram Charan performed very well within the boundaries of his character. Dhruva is going to be a memorable one in his career.

2. Aravind Swamy: He is certainly the most effective portion of the movie and as a whole did so well as a white collared criminal. His evil giggle and complicated nonverbal communication create Siddharth Abhimanyu an important crook.

3. Rakul Preeth and Others: Rakul Preeth’s character does not have a great deal element, however she looks stunning in songs. Among other characters, Navadeep’s and Posani’s get noticed. Navadeep does well in a crucial character. Posani delivers a dose of comic relief.

Technical aspects:

Direction: Dhruva Director Surender Reddy had done very well to be able to keep the feel and intellect of the original. His major highlights in Dhruva have proven to be screenplay and trendy taking.

Music and Other Departments: Hiphop Thamizha’s background score is outstanding. Cinematography is marvelous. Production values of Geetha Arts transform it into a visual spectacle.

Editing is shiny, however tempo of the movie and duration are not best suited.

Best parts of Dhruva:

Write-up and screenplay
Ram Charan’s performance and appearance
Aravind Swamy’s overall performance
Background score

Downside of Dhruva:

Misshapen pace
Unexciting initial minutes

Verdict: Dhruva promises to be a clever and trendy entertainer and it delivers exceptionally well.

Rating: 3.5/5 

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