Religious Conversions In Andhra Taking Place With Whose Support?

Religious Conversions In Andhra Taking Place With Whose Support?  Religious Conversions In Andhra Taking Place With Whose Support? jagan e1575566090763
Religious Conversions In Andhra Taking Place With Whose Support?

JanaSena party chief Pawan Kalyan on 4th December slammed YSR Congress party chief and Andhra Pradesh chief minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy for ignoring religious conversions in the State.

Are you not able to see the mass conversions of 40 people to the TV channel which edited my speech in pieces?

Is the chief minister not able to see?

Is the Endowment Department failed to see what is going on?

Are they not Hindus?, questioned Kalyan.

I am talking about the employees of the department who have been paid to protect the Hindu dharma and the people’s representatives who claim themselves as Hindus in the guise of pseudo secularists.

I have not talked about any Hindu who protects dharma or any Hindu religious institutions. Whatever I am talking I was well aware of its implications.

They shall say that with whose support they are doing non-Hindu conversions.

What the people’s representatives of other parties are doing?

I will not tolerate if they encourage in the guise of pseudo secularists, Mr. Kalyan warned.

Will you keep silent when Hindu dharma at stake?

Pawan Kalyan said why they are silent when Hindu dharma is destroying?

Do you have a fear of losing votes?

I will not scare anyone when I am talking about dharma and truth. I will speak as it was and stand by my every word.

The YCP government must respond to the mass conversions. Otherwise, we will take it that it is promoting the conversions,” he added.

When Amith Shah and Narendra Modi at the Centre, who scored the Highest majority are taking bold decisions about nation’s safety and integrity, whereas the YCP government is in a pitiable situation as it is unable to buy and supply onions at Rs 25 per kg.

Having even 150 MLAs, what is the use of huge majority? The YCP leaders who are making allegations against me shall change their language first. You shall respond to the issues I raised. How many days will you pass the time by saying cock and bull stories like age-old “Yeduchepala Katha, he said.

Why the Mannavaram project is not taken forward till now?

Why do you want to initiate the nuclear refinery project which is harmful to the people?

What do you say about the on-going religious conversions?

You shall say why do you push aside LV Subrahmanyam from Chief Secretary position when he raised the issue evicting non-Hindus from Hindu temples.

Shall we say ‘Jesus’ in Tirumala? The government must answer it.

What steps are you taking to safeguard the Hindu dharma?

What are you doing for the welfare of the Farmers?

How you are going to control the skyrocketing prices of onions?

What steps are you taking to supply onions to the people?

What efforts are you making to set up industries in the State?

The YCP leaders must concentrate on the issues at first,” Pawan asked.

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