Rajamouli The Master Teller Of Tales Wins Again

Verdict: Rajamouli- " Master Teller Of Tales Wins Again" | Baahubali 2 Rajamouli The Master Teller Of Tales Wins Again Rajamouli The Master Teller Of Tales Wins Again baahubali the conclusion review box office collections creates history
Verdict: Rajamouli- ” Master Teller Of Tales Wins Again” | Baahubali 2

” Baahubali- the Beginning “ made sensation by creating several records at the domestic as well as overseas Box Office.  It also earned National Film honours. The climax ( Why Kattappa Killed Baahubali ) of the “Baahubali- the Beginning”  turned out to be a trending Topic.  

Film lovers since then have been waiting for the release of ” Baahubali- the Conclusion “. Finally, the most anticipated “Baahubali- the Conclusion” is here.

Story opens from where ” Baahubali- The Beginning” has concluded.

Sivagami (Ramya Krishna) asks Amarendra  Baahubali (Prabhas) to trip whole Kingdom to identify the problems of people before swearing in as King.

While travel around, Baahubali heads to Kuntala rajyam and sees princess Deva Sena (Anushka). Baahubali presents himself as a traveller to Deva Sena and then they fall in love.

As a result of some occurrences Sivagami makes Bhallala Deva (Rana Daggubati) the emperor and Baahubali as chief of soldiers.

A real plan was equipped by Ballala Deva and his father Bijjala Deva (Nasser).

How Sivudu’s as well as Bhalla Deva’s story come to be assorted? The rest of the Movie is all about that.


Rebel Star Prabhas is remarkably worthy as Amarendra Baahubali. His vocal sound and body language well-matched the character of a king. The Sivudu’s part is limited to simply the ending scenes.

Rana Daggubati is pretty striking as Ballala Deva who is envious of Baahubali’s charisma and approval.

Anushka Shetty did a delightful performance. Ramya Krishna is outstanding. Satya Raj brightened his character and Nasser is tremendous as Bijjala Deva.


Director Rajamouli concentrated thoroughly on emotions and the screenplay. The technical values are superbly decent in all terms.

MM Keeravani’s back ground music is admirable though melodies miss the mark to excite thoroughly.

KK Senthil Kumar’s command over cinematography is appreciable. Overall, the production values are marvellous and producers should be praised for making this possible.


While first half of the “Baahubali-the Conclusion” is all about Baahubali’s recklessness, second half centres on his good nature and his life as a communal.  Different efforts have been placed to make the episode “Why Kattappa Killed Baahubali’ more enliven.  

Overall, “Baahubali The Conclusion” is a spot-on Best-seller show that is designed to excite the greater segment of viewers.

Final Verdict:

SS Rajamouli – “The master teller of tales” wins all over again.

Rating: 3.75/ 5

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