JanaSena Seeking Suggestions For ‘Mana Nudi – Mana Nadi’ Movement

JanaSena Seeking Suggestions For ‘Mana Nudi – Mana Nadi’ Movement  JanaSena Seeking Suggestions For ‘Mana Nudi – Mana Nadi’ Movement pawan kalyan e1574557052590
JanaSena Seeking Suggestions For ‘Mana Nudi – Mana Nadi’ Movement

Pawan Kalyan led JanaSena Party is moving forward to build a movement to safeguard Telugu language and rivers irrespective of caste, creed and politics, according to Janasena’s statement.

Inviting valuable suggestions from the intellectuals, Janasena on 23rd November said, “We have initiated Yagna called “Mana Nudi – Mana Nadi”. It is a continuous programme without any time limits. As part of it we appeal to Telugu language pundits, lovers and scientists of water resources and experts to extend their valuable advices and suggestions.”

“Inform us what actions must be initiated to remain Telugu as a living language forever. Special wings have been set up at the Janasena party offices in Vijayawada and Hyderabad to receive the advices and suggestions. You are invited to give your valuable suggestions,” the party said.

Janasena said, the suggestions can be informed even through WhatsApp and e-mail. The special wings will work from November 25 (Monday) to December 4 (Wednesday) from 10am to 6 pm.

Details of the wings.

‘Mana Nudi – Mana Nadi’ Special Wing, D.No 59-14-9, Kadiyala Venkaiah Kasturi Bhavan, Opp: Maris Stella Colelge, Benz Circle, Vijayawada.

An expert committee will be instituted later and it will prepare a report on the educational policy which will be useful to the students. The committee will study the educational Policies being implemented in various countries and suggest a Best policy, said Janasena.

Importantly, it will observe the benefits of the educational policy which is vogue in Finland which is said to be most popular. The committee will work with an objective how to gain skill in English along with safeguarding Telugu language and how the youth get best job opportunities, the party added.

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